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Traditional sake barrels (komodaru) at Nishinomiya Shrine

Nada Tour East (Nishinomiya)

Tour Nishinomiya, one of Nada's Five Villages and the source of the miraculous well water, Miyamizu.

  • 4 hr
  • 13,500円
  • Nishinomiya

Service Description

Nishinomiya is home to renowned names such as Hakushika, Nihon-Sakari, and Hakutaka. It is also the source of Nada's famous Miyamizu well water, mineral-rich hard water that propelled the region to fame during the Edo Period. Even today, this miraculous water is used throughout Nada, and it is believed to be the ideal brewing water for creating Nada's signature rich and full-bodied sake. Join us for a walking tour of this incredible brewing district to discover the unique qualities of the local sake. We will take you to the source of Miyamizu, explore two of the region's most famous breweries, Hakushika and Nihon-Sakari, and visit a traditional kaku-uchi where you can taste delicious local sake. Our knowledgeable guide, who has first-hand experience brewing in Nada, will help you learn about the traditional brewing methods and fascinating history that make this region's sake famous.

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Contact Details

  • Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan

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